Friday, March 15, 2013

Private Bachelor Party Your Best Option

Have Your Own Bachelor Party in Pittsburgh, Pa.

When planning a bachelor party for your friend, you’re going to have to make some important decisions. Holding the event at a strip club is an easy choice—it’s a men-only atmosphere, there’s sexy entertainment, and there’s plenty of music and drinks.

But before you go that direction, you might want to think twice. A strip club may be the easy option, but it’s not nearly as memorable as holding a private party.

For one thing, if you have your party at a strip club, you will not be able to get a private room, unless you pay $175. to $200 for 30 minutes. with only one stripper.  In the rest of the establishment you and your buddies will be  will be mixing with others and dodging the classic Pittsburgh bouncer who thinks he owns the girls.

This is not the way to get personalized or special treatment from the exotic dancers and bartenders. With a private party, you can hire  dancers who will do everything they can to make your party as wild and fun as possible. It actually costs less than going to a strip club.  You never get to have the experience of a real girl on girl duo show, a real girl on girl duo show.

Plus, if you hold your party at a strip club, you can’t bring all those little extra things that put a party over the top. You can’t choose your own music entertainment, and you won’t be able to customize the location to make sure everyone has the best time possible.

Finally, let’s not forget that some girlfriends, wives, and brides-to-be aren’t exactly comfortable sending their boyfriends and husbands off to a strip club for  a night of bachelor-party debauchery. Just call it a private party, you can have all the exotic entertainment you want, and you won’t have to tell the spouses any more than they need to know.

Make sure to plan your own party, skip the strip club, save money.  Call Bob today! 412 276-2322

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