Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pittsburgh Strip Clubs-Not Good For Bachelor Party's

Think again if you believe that you can pay less by going to a strip club and
expect to receive the hands-on, quality entertainment that Wild Thingz delivers.

Why? Let's look at the following scenario:

An average party usually consists of 15 guys. Going to one of the better clubs
in Pittsburgh will cost at least $10 for the cover charge, which will come to $150 just to get into the place. This total does not include certain nights where they may charge more for special features.
Now, once in the club, there is usually a requirement of a 2-drink minimum.
At a minimum $5 per drink times 2 equals another $10 per guy.
We are up to a minimum of $20 per guy, or $300.Okay, let's get real. Do you really believe those 2 drinks are going to last for more than an hour. I doubt it, but let us believe they will. So, within the first hour, you have paid a total of $300 for each guy to have 2 drinks in a strip club. Now, add tips to the tab. Let's just say each guy tips $5 minimum just to see the dancers up close. That becomes another $75. Since that is a very low figure, let's round that out to $100. Alright, now your tab is up to $400 total for 1 hour. You and your Bachelor have not even had a lap dance yet. Let's add some Lap Dances to your bill. Say you order 4 song  lap  dances for $25 each. That is another $100,for around 16 minutes. You are now up to $500 for one hour. If you add more drinks and shooters,your tab will most likely go up at least another $100. If you add a VIP room, there is no telling what your bill will look like afterwards, but it won't be cheap. Let's just say you send the bachelor to the VIP Room. Your looking at another $150 at least. At this point, your buddies have spent a grand total of $750 at the strip club on the cover charge, a few drinks, some table dances, and a VIP treatment for  the Bachelor ONLY in LESS THAN 2 hours. As for the dancers available, you do  have a larger selection to view. However, many of the dancers may not fall into  the quality of a Wild Thingz entertainer or into the category of your own personal
preferences. On top of this, you do not get to touch the girls or get up close
and personal. You get to sit on your hands and watch from a distance along with 100 other men you don't even know. You are just another face in the crowd.
A strip club is not very personal if you ask me. And as for a night to remember, aren't strip clubs an everyday occurrence now? You can go to one any day of the week.
They are nothing new or special. Is this how you want to send the Bachelor out
and how you want to spend your hard-earned money?

Also, when driving home from the clubs, everyone is put at risk. They risk getting
pulled over for a DUI and they risk losing their own lives as well as others.
The temptation to drink and drive can set everyone back beyond their wallets.

With Wild Thingz, you can have two of our hottest dancers of your choice or preference,your own unlimited drinks, and total hands-on crowd participation up close and personal. It will be just you and your buddies and the 2 babes in the privacy of your own digs. You won't have a bouncer looking over your shoulder, and for a little extra cash each guy can get lap dances AND VIP treatment! You can have it all and more for LESS THAN you would at a strip club for TWO HOURS! And when it's all over, if you can't drive,at least you are at your buddy's house to crash for the night or stay until you sober up.
Wild Thingz Entertainment definitely allows more value for your dollar for that SPECIAL night out.